Our Lead Pastors

Pastor Alex & Raquel pioneered Generation Church in 2010. GC was birthed out of a desire to be a place where not only community happens but also a place where people can grow spiritually no matter what stage they find themselves in their journey of faith. 

  • Brandon Youth Director

    Brandon oversees our student teams. He also is part of the Financial Team.

    Contact Brandon at brandon@thisgen.com

  • Kate Financial Team

    Kate takes care of many of the financial aspects of GC. 

    Contact Kate at kate@thisgen.com

  • Josh Discipleship & Outreach Director

    Josh oversees our GC Groups and helps people connect in Spiritual Community with one another. He also leads our Outreach team which helps the church to be intentional about reaching out to our local community.

    Contact Josh at josh@thisgen.com

  • Erin Operations Director

    Erin oversees all of the operations at GC. This includes facilities, finances and administration.

    Contact Erin at erin@thisgen.com

  • Zoe Servicing & Creative Team Director

    Zoe oversees our adult Sunday morning experiences as well as leading our worship team.

    Contact Zoe at zoe@thisgen.com