Each Sunday we provide programs for children ages birth through 5th grade with a variety of activities to encourage kids to learn about God and what it means to have a relationship with Him. Each member of the GCKids team partners with us to love and care for your children during your visit. Every team member is trained and has had a background check to ensure the safety and best care possible for your children! 



Programs start at 10am; however, you can start checking kids in at 9:45am. Once you arrive, please take your kids to the GCKids building and check them in. One of the check-in team members will assist you in the process. We ask that you label any diaper bags and sippy cups you bring with you (labels will be provided at check-in). 

For our kids' safety, the kids building entrance is locked after 10:15am, at which time you can ring the bell and one of our team members will come to assist you. 



Early Childhood

We provide age-appropriate environments for kids ages birth - Kindergarten. Children are promoted to the next level immediately after their birthday with the exception of those in Kindergarten, who are promoted every September when they enter 1st grade. 


We provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment for children in 1st - 5th grade. Children are promoted to GCYouth every September when they enter 6th grade.


Can I take my baby into the service? 

Yes, you are welcome to take nursing babies with you in the service. Please don't hesitate to use our Baby Room located in the back if you need to soothe, feed or change diapers! 

How will I know if my child needs me during the service? 

We will contact you during the service in the case that your child has an emergency or is too upset because he/she misses you. You will be given a pager when you check-in your kids. If we need you, the pager will light up indicating that we need your assistance.

My child has severe food allergies. Do you give snacks?

Yes. We do provide gluten, dairy and nut-free snacks. During the check-in process we will be asking you about any health issues so that we can accommodate accordingly. Please mention any concerns to our team members during check-in.

Want more info about GC Kids?

Please contact our Family Life Director, Raquel at raquel@thisgen.com