We are on the Move!

If you've been following our journey, in September of 2019, during our Wonder teaching series, Pastor Alex began to unfold the new journey we are embarking on. You can listen to that message here. For quite a while, our leadership team has felt that God is wanting to do something new at Generation Church. After many meetings, prayer and seeking God for guidance, our Pastors and the team felt that one of the things God is leading us into is to create a better atmosphere for community. Our current location does not facilitate this vision and so, we took a step of faith. Like Abraham, we are on a faith led journey. God is leading us out not to wander but to WONDER in all that He has in store for us as a church in the years to come. During this time, He is nudging us to trust Him fully and to know that He is in control of what's ahead. And like Abraham, we did not have a place to go to but we weren't afraid of that because sometimes taking a step of faith means that you don't know what's next, "By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed and went out to a place he was going to receive as an inheritance. He went out, not knowing where he was going." (Hebrews 11:8). Oh! And how did God bless Abraham. We are believing the same for Generation Church and we can't wait to see all that God is going to do as we go forward. In the meantime, our gatherings will look a little different in the next couple of months but what an opportunity we have in our hands to live out our faith in more ways than we have so far as a church. We do want to keep you informed as this journey is not just for our pastor and leaders but for our whole church! If you are not part of the GC family yet and this is your first introduction to Generation Church, know that you are invited to join us in this exciting journey! Perhaps God has been orchestrating this moment in time so you could be part of it!

So here are a few details to answer some of the most common questions we've had so far! 

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What's next?

Our last gathering in our current building (Emmorton Rd) will be on Sunday, December 22. We will end this chapter of our journey with a Family Christmas service (every member of the family is invited to join us in the service). Sunday, January 5th will be a family work day. We invite you to join us for some brunch and then we will be packing up, getting ready for the BIG move. 

What will happen to our church and Sunday gatherings come January?

We will continue to meet every week as usual but our gatherings will just look a little different. We are in the process of securing our permanent space so in the transition we get the opportunity to gather at the Community Center at St. Mary's Episcopal Church with our first service there being on January 12th at 4:30pm. January will be a little different, as we will have to clear our current location and prep for moving! As we mentioned above, on January 5th instead of a regular service we will have a Moving Work Day! We hope to have as many of our GC family join us. The more the better and the faster! 

Ok. So how are we going to gather as a church then?

In January and February, Instead of our regular morning Sunday services, we will be having Dinner Services at 4:30 pm. Here's what a Dinner Service will look like.

  • Dinner: We will be providing dinner every Sunday in Jan-Feb. Dinner will begin at 4:30pm. 
  • Worship Service: Our worship time will be from 5:00-6:15pm. We will have a regular service including *GCKids for Babies - Elementary.

*If you have children, make sure to check them in before or during dinner time (located in the main lobby) so they can be ready.  

What will GCKids look like during the transition?

As you know, we love kids, we believe in kids and we believe in providing a place for kids to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and have fun while doing so! This will continue to be our focus when it comes to GCKids. What will it look like during each gathering in January and February? We will continue to provide GCKids during our service time for Babies-Elementary age kids. There will only be a couple of new things. 

  • Check-In:  Check in will be in the main lobby. You will be able to check your kids in before and during dinner time (starting at 4:20pm so they can be ready to go when service starts at 5pm. 
  • Elementary Worship & Classroom Drop-Off: An exciting addition is that our Elementary leaders will get the neat opportunity to take our Elementary kids to BIG church for the worship part of it. Many of our kids have shown interest in this in the past and we are excited that our new location will provide us this opportunity. Also, instead of parents dropping off their elementary age kids in their classroom, after dinner, take your kids to the lobby where our Elementary team teachers will be ready to take kids to their perspective classroom. Pick-up will be as usual, with each parent picking up in their child's perspective classroom. 

Will this be the way GC will be gathering from now on?

No. This is not a set method on doing church from now on. Because of our circumstances, we see this transition as an opportunity God is giving us to gather in perhaps non-conventional ways. We are excited to create environments for our church family to truly be the community we are called to be, whether it is through breaking bread together, serving our surrounding communities, worshiping together, praying for each other, or in any other way until we get to move to our permanent location.